My camp experience

My camp experience

My camp experience as a camper and leader

3 years of leisure camp! a participant

My first year at F.O.E was not really a discovery. Indeed, not only did I already participated in a camp but it was a usual thing to do as a family when I was a kid. We would go camp in norden France, sleeping under tents and only eating fire-food. The F.O.E camp experience is a little bit different because not only did it happend in Canada but it was a 100-participants-5 days intensive camp. I was there as observer as I had to participate to 2 workshops that I had chosen previously. I did basic camping as well as water crafting. The 2 were amazing and I gained a lot of experience and skills out of it. Then, I participated in the different activities, such as outdoor games or small groups games (eg: arts & crafts, swimming, volleyball, etc.) I was in a cabin of 10 girls, which allowed me to make connections within the 3 years students that were there. Finally, I did journal writing everyday, which allowed me to reflect on my day and experience at camp. a leader

This year, I was a workshop leader at the camp. I animated a 3-blocks SPA in Nature workshop with 2 groups of 15 people. I did several activities that I planned several months ahead with my co-leader Alissia. We chose to do this workshop because we both enjoy self-care and wanted to show the participants how to use natural product to take care of our body and mind. "Preparation prevents poor performance ". This quote from one of our teacher summarizes the work that we had to go trough. We had to hand-in a proposal with lesson plans, research papers, example of finish work, budget, etc. to prove that our ideas were viable before being validated by faculty.